Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spirit Lords - 2014

Spirit Lords. A Kabam Project. I had the luck of joining this fantastic team in early 2014. I love to model and i love painterly stuff. I love fantasy art. and i LOVE seeing my characters animated so this was an awesome year of creation.
I worked closely with some super talented folks on a project that i'll always note as a success. Our work flow was smooth, our results we're constantly improving.

Do you ever have that scenario in life where right when you feel like you re getting into the groove of things, everything else changes? this was me on this project. i look back on it fondly. the funny coworkers who always inspired me to improve! the awesome producers who made Stand Ups so cool.. Good times!

im still in the process of preparing the numerous armor sets i created and its gonna be some time. but heres this for now! and 360s coming! everything looks better when its moving!

Its Been a While

I haven't updated this site in quite a while, but now i find myself back out looking for a job i can call home. Its been a very busy year for me, 2015.. I ended a 3 year stent in San Francisco to take a job up in Seattle. I spent about 9 months cranking out a ton of content (over 120 unique assets).

This was my first taste of the Indie lifestyle. I had blast with the team and we put together some awesome visuals. But all good things must eventually come to an end.

Here's a little look at some of the art i did for this awesome secret game ... i cant tell you much but i can say....Space ships!!..and Planets too :D

Have a look! hope you enjoy. gonna post some 360's in a week or so!

Friday, June 20, 2014

AO & Wire renders of past work

heres a look at some recent AO bake outs of past industry work

the lions share of my work on EdgeWorld, a social MMO from Kabam & some freelance work i did late last year.