Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Serious Santa

im starting a seasonally themed project for my "papercraft adventure". on (pho)tuesday i came up with the idea 'Serious Santa: "when some one steals Christmas, $#!* gets serious!"

the idea is to create a few mini-dioramas of Santa dynamically and comically interacting with a few other typical seasonal characters, as he hunts down the bad-guys who stole Christmas. ill definitely be pushing a metalslug feel with a wide-angle/side scrolling look. anyway here some progress on the santa sketch.

i have a few more ideas for some others. im thinking like a Droi-dolph or Robo-dolph(robo-rudolph) or Roi-dolph(buff rudolph). and I believe Joe recommended the Obama-nable snowman which i thought was clever. of course he ll have to be fighting on Santa's side.. dont wanna ruffle too many feathers! Christine suggested Mrs. Claus. and i have a couple ideas for that. and prolly a duo of robbers.

the pipeline: one im well versed at. concept, model & texture, rig & pose in scene. from there i just transfer 3d to reality via cheap software and a decent printer. then its a matter of cutting out, folding up, and glueing little pieces of paper together!  all in all its a long process. but i envision a very fruitful outcome.

hopefully i can produce 2 or 3 of these scenes by christmas. if thats so, then it yields much promise to future endeavors in this artistic realm! im pretty excited about the possibilities and the many new things to learn!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Paper Raboix

Lately ive been devising major idea in my head involving paper-craft. I dont want to go too far into detail about the idea at this moment but i first wanted to work out my pipeline of building a papercraft to from an actual drawing. i chose something simple and created a rabbit-fox (recommended by Terry) or rabbit eared fox.

im still in the process of building the model with paper but heres the progress thus far. ill post a pic of the completed paper craft doll once i find the battery charger to my camera.

Travis Bickle

we all know him! the off-the-wall character Robert Deniro played back in 19...7...something or other in the movie Taxi Driver.

Little Giant Land

a land where the monsters of the world are normal and the people are small. This is an idea i had for an art book containing scenarios of typical mythological and fantastical monsters portrayed in a comical and fun light. we ll see where it goes, as i am notorious for never ending personal projects. i plan to work more heavily on this after my Christmas art plans.