Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ghost Busters-Color Pass

Added Slimer and did a color pass that took longer than i would have liked. kinda think i could have worked out all of that while texturing but its good to have the 2D. will be spending the next days on model and rig. i hope to get this stuff knocked out as quickly as possible.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ghost Busters

Fleshing out the style on this latest line. have yet do do a color pass but ill get to that when ive slept more. heres a look at some lines. im looking for a look that is closer to the movie characters. but am simplifying the gear in preparation for a quick build in 3D.

Still considering the 3D approach but id like to get back to my roots of Low Poly/Low Texture Res "Video Game" style of quality. something i feel is now almost forgotten as well as highly unappreciated due to the market flood of NexGen capabilities. LONG LIVE THE PIXELS!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Terminator - 3D completion

all 4 heads have been brought to completion. all that remains is pepakura and fold up. i intend to have a handful of these at ECCC.

next up on the list of possible lines: the Ghost busters, Hulk vs Wolverine, Airships+Zeplins, as well is a handful of other random creatures. Lets hope i can squeeze as much of that into the next 5 weeks as possible! all of march is dedicated to folding!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Terminator - 3D update

4 heads modeled but im only showing the ones if textured Reese and Sarah
the mesh is very simple but holds the silhouette just how i like. i used the same colors from the concept but slapped a couple layer adjustments on top to pop it out a bit. these textures are goin very quick (4-5hrs) and im very pleased with the style transition from concept to 3D model. just cant wait to see it all folded..

hope you like :D