Friday, June 20, 2014

AO & Wire renders of past work

heres a look at some recent AO bake outs of past industry work

the lions share of my work on EdgeWorld, a social MMO from Kabam & some freelance work i did late last year.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pinata Grande

Pinata Grande is a character i was in the process of developing for a side project a couple buddies and i were working on. This was ALOT of fun for me :)

Hes not textured as of yet because my primary focus was getting him ready to be brought into unity.

Hes fully rigged and unwrapped and has several basic animations.
Idle,Run, 3 attacks, 2 recoils, and a death

Old R&D work

Here are some images and vids from some R&D work that i was doing last year at my last job.

these are a couple characters i modeled to aid in exploring joint and polycounts, while finding a viable style that would work well with game worthy meshes

these are images from a document i put together in regards to character production on a mobile title that would require a large sum of characters on screen at once.

Breaking the Silence

Its been a while since i've shared. I took a job and it has been occupying my time quite heavily, but here's the first in a series of posts showing you some things you haven't seen from me. hope you enjoy!

i'm starting with some freelance work i was up to in the end of last year.