Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swuggels-swugs for short

starting work on the fully customizable Swuggel Papercraft line. prepped  template to be tested in fold up for pepakura. heres a look at it as well as some other studies ive done in the past which i am now incorporating into the 3d design.

It will be a stand-alone (DIY) Figurine with a stand that is converted from the box. once you fold the figurine up you set it on the box and place it somewhere for convenient viewing.

the idea is to have a creature that can be fully customized by some one. you will be able to choose: gender, body type, age. horn type, teeth hair, texture, and add-ons. add-ons will be based on a specific role a swuggel would be in the tribe. hunter/fishermen, gatherer, planter, chief, etc. my goal is to create enough types to amount to an entire village with a hierarchy, equating to a vast collection.

After i finish the test fold and am satisfied ill go back in and ad colors. this approach saves costs on printing due to the multiple fold passes.

Monday, July 18, 2011

random digi paint stuffs

some random digital paints.

-Random digital renders for shortening/familiarizing the color pipeline.
-Armor Concept for a Hi Res model i was doin back in 2010 before i lost the sculpt file.