Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming SOON!!

So put together all 9 at the jumbo size and wanted to give you all an informal introduction to the Swug Limited line!

found some areas to optimize in the 3D but i should push through that and be able to officially release this line! im holding off on the collectors addition box! but ill have some cool stands and souped up shipping boxes for the regular limited edition. i still need to complete the DIY kit template which includes numbered flaps on the flats and a uversal instruction manual!

id LIKE to take my site live on May 1st but i dont know how realistic this date is. im itching to move on to something new tho! ive got so many ideas! Even in the Swug brand. but now that i have something tangible, i have a strong basis for any future projects.

anyway its been a long time coming with the Swugs in general! the evolution has been intense and quite long; about 2 years or so! i look forward to putting out this Limited Edition line (which was a deviation from the original idea) and get one to some one-of-a-kinds!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swug Box design

Emerald City Comiccon came and went and was a BLAST. i only had enough time to put together the Swug line but people loved them! the biggest issues were not having boxes or a means of transportation, or any DIY kits! so as soon as i got back and got some rest i put together a mock up of a box and stand. this way ill be ready for future Cons as well as when my site goes live.

This was the first box design that will be specifically for Collectors Edition. tho ive settled on a different type of box, the overall look and template will remain the same. I chose to use Swug #5, Robo Swug for this. but hopefully soon you ll see all 9 boxes!

you can look forward to seeing DIY kits as soon as i get those designs shipped to China.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hyewon the zombie!

Hyewon was generous enough to lend me her pretty face for this fun venture! i planned to make this for a business card but ran out of time, seeing i have a ton of stuff to fold in 1 month..

i did a livestream on a Pri's public artist challenge The Art Tavern. Thanks for composing this timelapse for me Pri!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Zues- The Explorer's Ship

So the last 3D piece im doing for the next few month is an RC airship. which i intend to fly around comiccon. Unfortunately we are seated way in the back of the con.. at k10. so i intend to fly around a blimp in order to help draw attention to my booth.

either way i think it would be cool to get into a line of custom made papercraft airships. i think those would go over pretty well. so this is the first. very simple. straight to the point. i have about 30 hours of 3D production time left then i HAVE to focus on other things so im hopin i can knock this out by next weekend.

herers a look at the base mesh. its unwrapped and ready for ambient occlusion and texturing. but ill spend a few hours tomorrow nite doin a rough paint over. that way im not rushing into the texture blind.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ghost busters- 3D completion

finally completed the Ghostbusters. not too pleased with the outcome of the GBs but i do like Slimer. of course it looks completely different when folded.  well this completes the lines ill be introducing at the ECCC.

the last thing i ll make is a RC paper Airship which ill be flying around during the Con. you ll see posts on that soon enough!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ghost Busters-Color Pass

Added Slimer and did a color pass that took longer than i would have liked. kinda think i could have worked out all of that while texturing but its good to have the 2D. will be spending the next days on model and rig. i hope to get this stuff knocked out as quickly as possible.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ghost Busters

Fleshing out the style on this latest line. have yet do do a color pass but ill get to that when ive slept more. heres a look at some lines. im looking for a look that is closer to the movie characters. but am simplifying the gear in preparation for a quick build in 3D.

Still considering the 3D approach but id like to get back to my roots of Low Poly/Low Texture Res "Video Game" style of quality. something i feel is now almost forgotten as well as highly unappreciated due to the market flood of NexGen capabilities. LONG LIVE THE PIXELS!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Terminator - 3D completion

all 4 heads have been brought to completion. all that remains is pepakura and fold up. i intend to have a handful of these at ECCC.

next up on the list of possible lines: the Ghost busters, Hulk vs Wolverine, Airships+Zeplins, as well is a handful of other random creatures. Lets hope i can squeeze as much of that into the next 5 weeks as possible! all of march is dedicated to folding!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Terminator - 3D update

4 heads modeled but im only showing the ones if textured Reese and Sarah
the mesh is very simple but holds the silhouette just how i like. i used the same colors from the concept but slapped a couple layer adjustments on top to pop it out a bit. these textures are goin very quick (4-5hrs) and im very pleased with the style transition from concept to 3D model. just cant wait to see it all folded..

hope you like :D