Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming SOON!!

So put together all 9 at the jumbo size and wanted to give you all an informal introduction to the Swug Limited line!

found some areas to optimize in the 3D but i should push through that and be able to officially release this line! im holding off on the collectors addition box! but ill have some cool stands and souped up shipping boxes for the regular limited edition. i still need to complete the DIY kit template which includes numbered flaps on the flats and a uversal instruction manual!

id LIKE to take my site live on May 1st but i dont know how realistic this date is. im itching to move on to something new tho! ive got so many ideas! Even in the Swug brand. but now that i have something tangible, i have a strong basis for any future projects.

anyway its been a long time coming with the Swugs in general! the evolution has been intense and quite long; about 2 years or so! i look forward to putting out this Limited Edition line (which was a deviation from the original idea) and get one to some one-of-a-kinds!

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