Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swug Box design

Emerald City Comiccon came and went and was a BLAST. i only had enough time to put together the Swug line but people loved them! the biggest issues were not having boxes or a means of transportation, or any DIY kits! so as soon as i got back and got some rest i put together a mock up of a box and stand. this way ill be ready for future Cons as well as when my site goes live.

This was the first box design that will be specifically for Collectors Edition. tho ive settled on a different type of box, the overall look and template will remain the same. I chose to use Swug #5, Robo Swug for this. but hopefully soon you ll see all 9 boxes!

you can look forward to seeing DIY kits as soon as i get those designs shipped to China.

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