Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Zues- The Explorer's Ship

So the last 3D piece im doing for the next few month is an RC airship. which i intend to fly around comiccon. Unfortunately we are seated way in the back of the con.. at k10. so i intend to fly around a blimp in order to help draw attention to my booth.

either way i think it would be cool to get into a line of custom made papercraft airships. i think those would go over pretty well. so this is the first. very simple. straight to the point. i have about 30 hours of 3D production time left then i HAVE to focus on other things so im hopin i can knock this out by next weekend.

herers a look at the base mesh. its unwrapped and ready for ambient occlusion and texturing. but ill spend a few hours tomorrow nite doin a rough paint over. that way im not rushing into the texture blind.

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