Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life Drawing

i have found life-drawing to be an essential element to the development of my art. i feel it to be the building blocks or "meat and potatoes" of the Artist, as it demands many principles across the board. i see it as an arena to practice any techniques without the pressure of failure that i can be victim to in the professional world. Though it can be a strict teacher and shout out ones flaws in their approach there is so much to explore. it may be a harsh belief but i feel it reflects the artist entirely. their character as an artist as well as their capability. you can see how they build the figure from scratch, what they choose to focus on, how versed they are at the process. even their choice in medium is a reflection

i relied heavily on it for the development of the "evolved style" i craved for a couple years back. something i achieved by switching from pencil to strictly pen and marker (a long and difficult process). this page is an compilation of the past few years of life-drawing. i feel it reflects my grasp as well the evolution of that difficult tool, the brush pen.

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