Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sketch Dumplets

been a while since i posted any thing so i thought id throw up what ive been up to the past few weeks.

The First are some initial sketches for a mech character that i will be entering into the esteemed 'Dominance War'. its name is K80.3. trying to keep it rough and focus more on form and functionality before i go in and make the lines pretty and straight. initially i was considering a bipedal design but it quickly got boring. ill move my focus next to its main weapon and the back compartment, establishing how the helicopter elements will be integrated effectively into the main design.

multiple arms with articulating appendages lend to combat versatility. elements of military helicopters will provide excellent agility, maneuverability and give the advantage to preemptive striking. Its combat strategies orbit the idea of striking the target from air, landing & quickly neutralizing said target.

The Second is a study of Mr Magnetic. A second-rate super-hero wash-up, who has returned to answering the call for justice, using his power to control objects, he rids his neighbor hood of crime. Ill go on to do a model sheet of him with a full turn around..after D-War :)

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