Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As things come to a close with production on my swug line im looking forward to the next project. ive decided to do a reboot of the original cast of terminator. im a huge fan and watch the movies regularly.. even watched the show!

I did a quick study of the style i want to go with. something simple and comicy with my own flavor. im sticking to characters from the first movie because they are the most iconic and 4 is an easy number of assets to be generated but still quite a handful.

in terms of paper this line will consist of singles, duets, and fuel lines. as im not sure of copy right issues these will be available as rewards for those who spend certain amounts of money on other products ill be selling! 

my plate is full for march..Its gonna be Kick-Ass tho!

hope you like!

(and for those who are curious ive included the 5 step process that ive translated from my traditional pen and ink style. LOVE digital but id be no where with out the tradition as a back bone)