Friday, November 8, 2013

Brolk:Texture finalization

development process

check it out in HD to get the full effect.

Been busting ass on this guy since last i posted and now im at a state of satisfaction. i made quite a bit of change to his silhouette, added content and tweaked the colors. pushed the material types. i went in and reworked his mouth and eyes. gave them much more resolution. but in the process i lost the weighting on the hair cards. which is ok cuz i actually think i need a larger variety of cards and could place them a bit more successfully throughout the face.

i took some time to build out a title for him. this is a skill ive been wanting to showcase for a while and i figured this project is not just about showcasing every one of my skills to potential employers AND..its just fun!ive included a process showing from initial photoshop design to maya and mentalray testing, and through the sculpting and texturing process from zbrush to Ndo and Ddo.
i spent about 2 days on it.

anyway. long road ahead but im having a blast.
gonna take a few days off to help a friend with a personal project. next few posts will be about that. then ill be right back where i left off with the Prince of all Orks.

ground sculpt (looks like a cookie!)
sabretooth tiger skull sculpt
teeth gums and tongue. yum.

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